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It's my first input from this blog, I have some thinking about technology for the future humanity, and after yesterday I read about the future of sports with giants robots battle, I remember and believe in my initial idea of "the humans workers become in robots workers ", actually this sound crazy, but if we think in tools for goal it, the tools already exists, I thing in a concept of" personal robot "and I want to all this will be based on coworking, open source and open hardware, with benefits for all people, designed by the best, public and improved for thounsand of person they want to help to humanity and make some important before their death.

I will make a draws about it and share with all, for goal the "personal robot" we need more that one person, we say here "two heads thinks more that one", the future is where person buy low cost their "personal robot "with an art to work, and it realizes multiply task that before the human realized, the quality life for the people will be better and the time will be approach to other activities, poor and needs in countries will be less.

Actually with machine learning, deep learning, big data, social engineer, hardware platform, crowdfounding and much Google we can develop the "personal robot", is an ambicious project, but the knoledge is on intenert and the people, I believe we can.

I'm sorry for my english :)



Hi, again, I was thinking about "the personal robot" idea and, I can to established that we need 4 modules to achieve our goal, this modules are:
  • M1: Physical
  • M2: Hardware
  • M3: Software
  • M4: Telecommunication
In M1 I was thinking that form of Kibitech was will similar to Bender (Futurama serie), I believe that your body is functionally for Kibitech robot.

Also I created a comunity on Google + for easily to share the knowloedge, also I created a project profile, GitHub account and Twitter account.

Google + :
GitHub :

And to end I created an image for Kibitech (I hope that you like It :) )




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