M3: Software | System Model

Hi guys, this is the system model Kibitech, I think that the idea of centralize all process in one "brain" is very nice, if we development a protocol for established a communication into hardware and operative system as ACK communications, we can make a system that determine wich is the driver for It based on modules created by third parts for hardware compatible with kibitech, All modules the idea is It only have wire the power line, but all data would be wireless, I think should use zigbee protocol for this.

For other part,we had a great news for all Kibitech comunity, Elecfreaks is supporting us from yesterday, is really really nice , also our friends of Padauino?  will be collaborators with M2: Hardware module, today talking with Pandauino they suggested us why not we make a system based on central brain that connect hardware (arduino) by the  SPI way, and we are happy that our visión will be a share vision for everybody that can help us.

Also now we count with a website supported by GitHub: kibitech.github.io


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