Blockly Visual programming

Hi guys, we are working in develop Kospr server, the Kospr client library is already, in this process of Kospr development we think about how It can will be used by every people, and we were looking about scratch and visual programming, and we found Blockly, It's relativelly new, but is very robust and powerful tool, we did develop this short basic configuration with a javascript interpreter and real time code visualizer and one custom block ("lenght of"), obvious is very basic, but can help to others to init a Blockly project, this is the video: Source: GitHub Our idea is make a project that apply for educations and It contribution in break the distance between people and technology.

Library test with cli NPM

Hi guys, we has working in library develop to communication between "brain" and nodes , for It we decided to make a example to understand how to make a library practical and robust, we development this library, is a calculator function, but the most important of It is the ".bin" function, when you install this library on your terminal can run owner commands. You don't believe that this is all, not, we already have developed the library to end-node communicate with "brain" in both senses, this lib is called Kospr Cli, now, with ".bin" mode to develop learned we will go to work in develop the brain base system, we are very happy for this advances. For the last, the NRF24L01P communication continous yet with us, only that we will goes to generate a "drive" for severals communications technologies :) Greetings! ​ ​GitHub ​ ​ |  NPM Module ​​

Kibitech | Modules NRF24L01P Bidirectional test #PersonalRobot

Code: GitHub Video: YouTube Hi Guys, this is the second video about Kibitech advance, in this video I show the bidirectional communication over NRF24L01P modules with Arduino, then of this successful test, we goes to work in Raspberry - Arduino communication, our goal is to have the "Toggle LED" or "Hello World" with this testings. The next week Jon our electronic engineer will go to working in PCB design for prototype version, initially we think  to start for hands, but we want to make a solid "nervous system" before than a one function system. Other important info about us advance is that our blog is near to get 1.000 visitors and our Hackaday project now have 34 followers, 4 Likes and 364 views, is nothing bad for us, we are really happy for It. 

Welcome to Kibitech family MakersGate, our new media partner

Hi PRers, Kibitech each day it get more form and is more solid, today MakersGate is working with us, and they are our first Media Partner, we invite to you to subscribe in MakersGate website  .

Welcome to Kibitech family Banana Pi, our new hardware partner

Is amazing that we are growing too fast, count with Banana Pi support is a big and robust tool for our work, the personal robot each day is more real, in this moment we are working in development of Kospr Lib, we are testing the NRF24L01+ module and we want to make a library with multiple support for severals platforms in software, telecommunications and hardware.

Kibitech | Kospr · Kibitech Operative System for Personal Robot

Hi PRers, after 2 days of I thinking about how pass to the idea and result to get a middle connector and I will have to clear how to start the development of M3: Software module, I decided to draw on my white board, first I think in the name of the operative system, of course when you goes to call some is some hard found an original name that yourself like It, I think initially on Kos, It was short, but not was all that I want for the project, and I added PR and It like me, is nice and sound very good Kospr, for my spanish the pronunciation would be kosper, but in english would be kos P R, I like as sound Kospr in spanish version, well, coming to initial subject, after I have the name I think in a functionality that It will be also in a tool for new developments or education, and after It, I think in a index.js and which one are the other modules that I need to make Kibitech function ( Kospr code is in GitHub ) , then of It, I was feel yet a big void into idea and result, I decide

Kibitech : Development timeline

Hi PRers, this is the cronologic time line idea for Kibitech, you can see at Wrike  . The idea is that we have five stage for our goal, development, test, crowdfounding, manufacture and shipment, now we are working in M3: Software module with OS development based on Node.js and we are looking with Pandauino? M2: Hardware module for hands make. We don't know wich one corwdfounding platfom is the best for us, might you can say us your opinion abut It?